Hibiscus – more than just a pretty face

Hibiscus flowers are beautiful, but did you know that hibiscus tincture has amazing benefits for your skin!

It’s loaded with emollients that provide excellent hydration and help eliminate wrinkles. It’s also a good antioxidant that firms and tones the skin. This powerful firming agent has a proven calming effect that instantly smooths wrinkles giving a person a youthful, healthy glow.

Hibiscus has been considered a noninvasive alternative to intensive skin lifting and skin firming procedures like Botox injections and artificial dermal fillers. Unlike the costly Botox procedures with its side effects, Hibiscus reduces the need and extends the time between procedures by providing an anti-wrinkle effect on fine lines and expression lines. It also unclogs closed pores and is a good natural remedy for acne.

We use this powerful ingredient in our Wise Facial Toner (for established women). And we are in love with the color! Try it for yourself and you’ll see what we mean!

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