When cooler weather rolls around, our hands start to dry out. The tack cleaning and apres riding horse showers are still part of our daily routine, but now our hands begin to reflect just how hard we are on them. Tempting as it is to use very warm or even hot water to warm up your hands, it will also strip any oil from your skin, leaving it dry and eventually cracking. Since daily manicures are out of the question, what can you do? We have an easy 3-step solution to condition, restore and moisturize your hands.

3-Steps To More Beautiful Hands

1. Cleanse your hands using a gentle soap, and preferably one that is pH balanced. We like this one from Abhti: One Hand Washes the Other

2. Apply Abundant Facial Serum – for generous women, to the back of each hand, going all the way to the ends of your finger tips.

3. Gently rub the serum into your hands, giving your hands a gentle massage, and working your way up to your finger tips. Then gently rub the serum into your cuticles.

The serum will absorb fairly quickly, so no need to worry about getting it all over other things you touch. And you’ll be amazed at how soft and nice your hands look and feel. The organic Jojoba Oil restores and hydrates cuticles as well, so your hands and fingers will look presentable. And the smell is relaxing and balancing.

Abundant Facial Serum is small and compact, and features a roller ball applicator, so there’s no waste and you can easily throw it into your barn bag or purse. It’s also suitable for traveling and can be carried on in your luggage. Try it and you’ll be surprised at just how good your hands will look this winter!

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