With the dog days of summer on us, we all get a little weary – even our four-legged besties! So we have just the simple things to restore, re-new, and re-energize.

A sweet little list of pick-me-ups:


Start your day gently with this 30-minute playlist. Pour the coffee and awaken your soul:


Can your inbox make you smarter? Yep. Do this just once a day, your inbox will thank you: theskimm.com


Replenish electrolytes in you! You do it for your horse, right? Being depleted wears you out and you don’t recover as quickly as from your rides or work around the barn. So drink electrolytes – in addition to plain water.


Put your helmet in the fridge or the freezer. Really. It will be nicely chilled when you get on to ride. Your welcome.


Put your gloves in the fridge or the freezer. Yes, you’re hands will love the chilly start to your ride or chores.


Place a bottle of our Wise Facial Toner in your fridge at the barn, or in a cooler. When you’re done riding or doing chores spritz this cooling, hydrating, refreshing mist on your face, in your hair, and in your helmet. Ahhh.


Pamper yourself with a 5-Minute DIY mini hand massage. You’ll be amazed at how tingly and wonderful you feel!


Hot summer days require light meals that don’t weigh you down. Try this awesome recipe for Celebration Scallops, grilled in Alder wraps. Simple, fast, delicious. Dinner, done.  PS You can get the wraps here: Alder Wraps


Here’s to satisfying summer shows and warm summer evenings. Try our amazing Red Head Fizz cocktail – here’s to you! And yes, you and your horse are amazing.

And the #1 way to beat the Dog Days:

Shower with your horse. Make it rain!

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