It can get confusing pretty fast when brands advertise. “Hey – we’re green!” “Hey – we’re natural!” Yeah, right. We have learned to be skeptical consumers! So how can you be confident about what you are reading, seeing or hearing?

The truth is, none of these terms are monitored or regulated. Even the term organic can be confusing. You thought it was regulated, right? Well, here’s the reality.

Clean vs Green

Is there a difference? Yes.

When most companies talk about being “clean”, especially in the beauty and cosmetic industry, they are typically using it as an umbrella term in reference to products that are healthy. In other words, non-toxic and not harmful. This has nothing to do with whether the product is natural or organic. You’ll hear us talking about a “clean beauty” revolution. What we mean, is that we are advocating for products that are non-toxic and healthy.

“Green” beauty is most likely to mean products that are sourced from natural (plant) ingredients. However, be sure to read the label, as many green products don’t exclusively use natural ingredients, and may contain a low percentage of synthetic ingredients that are deemed “safe” and “healthy.”

Natural vs Organic

This should be simple, right?

The term “natural” on products typically refers to ingredients that are non-synthetic, although again, you must read the label carefully since there may be a small presence of synthetic ingredients.

And finally, you’d think that “organic” products are regulated, but no. Simply using the term “organic” on a label or when talking about a product, does not require that it meet some standard or specification.

While “organic” IS the highest standard, only “certified organic” products meet a legal definition. Products and brands claiming to be certified organic have had their ingredients verified according to specific regulations. They have earned that legal designation.

Lots of large beauty brands are using the color green on their packaging, or talking about being natural. Keep your healthy skepticism and read their labels. Your skin is your largest organ, everything you put on it gets absorbed!

Diamonds in the Dirt™ is a clean beauty brand. Our products contain certified organic ingredients whenever possible, and natural, plant-based ingredients when certified organic is unavailable. We believe products are better when they have fewer ingredients, and use simple formulas with high-end, pure ingredients that you can understand and pronounce. And we believe in end-to-end packaging. In other words, we make things that are good for you, and good for the planet.

Up next month: Sustainability. Another shade of gray.

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