When we discovered Holger Schupp and his photography we were blown away. He has a fantastic eye, he clearly knows horses and riders, and he has captured the most amazing moments. Then we discovered a shoot that he did in Europe called Dirty Dressage. And it perfectly captures the essence of Diamonds in the Dirt. Annabel Frenzen, model and German dressage rider, radiates beauty, strength and athleticism right through the muck, and we found ourselves captivated by the images. We hope you love them as well!

About The Rider




Born: 09/15/1990

Medicine University of Essen, Aachen
Practical year at Helios Klinikum in Krefeld

Successful horses:
-Flameco Star (Pony time)
-Going Top (Pony time)
-Cristobal (Young Rider / Grand Prix)
-Royal Rubin (Juniors / Young Riders)

-Loxley’s Lovely
-Kiefferhof’s Imperius

Greatest accomplishments:

Winner AXA Ostwald Trophy with Leolux

80th – 84th S-victory
3rd place Grand Prix Freestyle CDI Lier / Belgium with Cristobal
7th place Grand Prix Freestyle CDI Wiesbaden with Cristobal
4th place Nations Prize CDIO Compiegne with Cristobal
6th place Final Bundeschampionat of 5 year olds
Dressage horses with silver stars + animal welfare award
12th place Final Bundeschampionat the 6 year old
Dressage horses with L’Esprit

70th – 79th S-victory
3rd place Grand Prix Braunschweig with Cristobal
3rd place Piaff Förderpreis Wiesbaden with Cristobal
3rd place Piaff Promotional Prize Balve with Cristobal
Rhenish master with Cristobal
Victory in the U 25 Nations Cup at the CDIO Hagen with Cristobal
Final Bundeschampionat of the 6 year old dressage horses with Step Up
Victory in the U30 AXA Cup with Gershwin
3rd place Piaff Förderpreisfinale in Stuttgart with Cristobal

About The Photographer




Since 2003, the Aachen photographer Holger Schupp has been enriching the international equestrian sports scene with extraordinary motifs, surprising perspectives and atmospheric scenes.

Originally working as an art director in the advertising industry, equestrian sports in all its facets are in the foreground of this photographer’s everyday life.

If he does not sit in the saddle himself, he puts his focus on capturing impressive race portraits, picturesque impressions and sporting moments. No matter if top-class sport in the Aachen Soers, Distance World Championships in Dubai or Polo in St. Moritz – with a sure eye and a feel for the perfect moment Holger Schupp sets the elegance and dynamics of the sport horse impressively in scene.

Only a few succeed in grasping the fraction of a second, in which the movement of a horse unfolds in all its drama, or in which the tension-filled atmosphere of a top tournament intensifies.

His work means for the Aachener art, creativity and the search for the unique motive: “In the photography I see the attraction to represent motives of their most beautiful side, to capture the crucial moment for eternity and also to represent new, unfamiliar perspectives”, describes Holger Schupp.

Again and again, the photographer manages to capture details with his camera that hardly anyone else will notice. The courage to dare something new characterizes him.

Acting as an idea, he is always willing to risk something in his work. Just like at the CHIO 2007, when he was surprised when he was driving in a trailer with unique perspectives on the moat. The deserved reward: For his picture “Marathon” he has been awarded the Silver Camera – as the best international equestrian sport photo 2007/2008.

His experience in all areas of equestrian photography is combined with professionalism, individuality and perfection. These are the reasons why he is the favorite photographer for travel by sport greats such as dressage world champion Nadine Capellmann. In addition to capturing the athlete, Holger Schupp also puts the stars of the scene privately in the right light. So he photographed the vaulting icons Nadia Zülow and Nicola Ströh and team Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke in evening dress on the horse.

The high standards of his own work and the constant goal of producing high-quality pictures often bring him advertising photos – for example, he worked for the venerable watch brand Rolex, the fashion label Tom Tailor, Meggle, as well as renowned equestrian sports and lifestyle magazines.

Holger Schupp loves his work, he enjoys the luxury of being able to combine his hobby with his profession. The result is imagery that unfold their desired effect on the viewer. To provoke joy and astonishment is his greatest aspiration.

Photo: Franz Steindl. Thanks for everything, Franz!