We formulate our products with certified organic ingredients whenever possible, which dramatically reduces residue from pesticides, unnecessary synthetic chemicals, and synthetic fertilizer residue in our product ingredients. While there is no certification for “natural” ingredients, organic ingredients are regulated by the USDA. You’ll find a mix of organic and natural ingredients in our products.

Since our skin can absorb up to 60% of what is placed on it, we work hard to reduce the risk that toxins from pesticides might contaminate our bodies, our children’s bodies, and our planet. We source our ingredients from US suppliers and manufacturers so we can limit fuel waste and support our own economy.

Since we don’t use inexpensive fillers such as petroleum glycols or added water, our products are loaded with nutrients so every rich drop can feed your skin. Many conventional and natural beauty products start with a base of petroleum glycols (butylene or propylene glycols—like petroleum jelly products) that can be laced with potentially harmful chemicals. The other most common base is water. Why pay for a product that is mostly tap water? Our goal is for Diamonds in the Dirt products to work better than conventional products because of our unique forumlas and highly effective ingredients.

What You Won’t Find In Our Products

Artificial Fragrance

Traditionally used to protect “trade secrets” of the perfume industry, the words ‘parfum’ and ‘fragrance’ can be used to cover over 200 different chemicals – including preservatives!

Take a look at your current products. If you use a product with ‘artificial fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ on the ingredients list – you can’t be sure what you’re putting on your skin.

True fragrance sensitivity can cause headaches, skin rashes and more, and it can be hard to identify which fragrance compounds or additives you are sensitive to.

There’s nothing artificial in our fragrances – you’re smelling the authentic scents of essential oils and the actual ingredients in each product.

High Levels of Essential Oils

We love essential oil! They have myriad benefits, both in aromatherapy and on the skin when used in low dilutions – but it’s a delicate balance!

High levels of essential oils can irritate damaged, broken or delicate skin. Therefore, we are careful about the quantity of essential oils in our products.


Parabens are commonly used as a preservative used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

But there’s been a lot of controversy over the safety of them in recent years, so we have decided to avoid them altogether. This includes so called ‘natural parabens’, such as Japanese Honeysuckle. These ingredients contain parahydroxy benzoic acid, a natural compound on which parabens are based. They’re listed under their INCI plant name (Lonicera Japonica) and sometimes feature in ‘paraben-free’ products.


Petro-gross! Petrochemicals are ingredients derived from petroleum. We have no interest in putting petroleum on our skin. In fact, that was a driving force in our developing this line of products.

The beauty industry uses over one hundred different petrochemicals, often as preservatives, bases for synthetic fragrances, emollients and to keep products moist for longer – they are even in a pack of facial wipes!

Some common petrochemicals, like Propylene Glycol, can cause skin irritation and have been linked to inflammatory conditions such as Eczema. Plus, petrochemicals also require the use of finite resources, which is bad news for our planet. We’ve found plenty of effective, plant-based and renewable alternatives in nature. So you won’t find petrochemicals in our products – ever.


Phthalates are commonly used as a fixative for fragrances, especially in moisturizers and body creams. Check the one you are currently using. They’re often listed under ‘parfum’ and ‘fragrance’ or alternative names like DEP, DBP and DEHP.

There are safety concerns around the effect Phthalates have on reproductive and endocrine systems and some forms are even banned in the EU. So you won’t find them in our products. That’s a promise.


We avoid all sulfates, including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) in our products.

These are the same ingredients that leave your dishes squeaky clean. But on your skin, these detergents can strip away the skin’s natural protective oils and increase pH levels, leaving sensitive skin imbalanced and exposed to irritation. There are better, gentler, more natural alternatives that we use.