Diamonds in the Dirt grew out of a desire to find a healthy alternative to over-the-counter, chemical-laden cosmetics. Originally started as a line of products for personal use by sisters Sarah and Ruth, once the founders began sharing the products with friends, demand quickly grew. It became clear that other people were looking for the same solutions.

As life-long horsewomen, we know what it’s like to get up when it’s still dark to start chores. We know about feeding, mucking, grooming, cleaning tack, wrapping legs, pulling manes, braiding, training, riding in all kinds of weather, traveling, trail riding, clinic-ing, and competing. We know about throwing hay, trailering, parking (and backing!) a rig, deworming, farriers, and vets. And we know about breeding, birthing, raising foals and youngsters, gelding, and end-of-life decisions. We know, too, about long days, sweaty faces, stinky helmet hair, smelly gloves, how horse hair sticks to lip gloss (gross), and we know that awesome feeling of being unified with your horse.

We know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. And that’s ok. We love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. These products are made with this lifestyle in mind. Simple formulas with authentic, good-for-you ingredients, made for a no-fuss life lived in the elements.

Founded by horsewomen, we make these products for us, active outdoors-people;

us, who want a healthy, clean way to care for our skin;

and us, who are concerned for the environment and what we are doing to this planet.


We work hard to find sources of safe, high quality, natural and organic ingredients. You won’t find sulfate, paraben or sodium chloride in any of our products.


We don’t like complicated things. And for us, that includes skin care. We started with the requirement that our formulas should contain as few ingredients as possible, and still out-perform any other brand – large or small. So you’ll find streamlined formulas that deliver amazing results.


Please take care of the products you purchase! We hand-crafted them, and developed the formulas specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, so store them correctly to retain their goodness. You’ll notice some products are in amber glass. This is to protect the product from deteriorating in light. Store all products away from direct light sources. No need to refrigerate any of our products, simply watch the expiration date on each product and use it up before it expires.


Packaging is hard! We have spent countless hours sourcing packaging that is earth-friendly. All our packaging is recyclable, and some are compostable (like the lip balm). All labels are compostable as well! As packaging for the industry continues to evolve, we may find newer and better options for our products. We strive for a package that delivers a superior product experience, while being earth-friendly. Please recycle, compost, or re-purpose your packages as appropriate. Thank you!